„Education – a Journey in Time” LLP Comenius Multiateral Partnership


„Education – a Journey in Time”

LLP Comenius Multilateral Partnership


• Identifying the existing similarities and differences among the educational systems of which the participating schools belong to

• Understanding the cultural and historical context of the evolution of the educational system in the countries represented by the partner schools

• Analysing strategies for ensuring quality in education

• Finding solutions for an efficient inclusive education

• Consolidating the partnership between Family, Community and School in order to promote a system of common educational values

• Building a solid and long lasting relationship between the participating schools

• Ensuring the active participation of the parents, the local community, other institutions and companies in the project activities in the dissemination of information

• Improving the students’ and teachers’ knowledge of English

• To foster independent thinking in the participating students, and to encourage them to take responsibility for devising and taking projects to their conclusion

• To foster communication skills, IT skills, and overall confidence in the participating staff and students